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6 Spring Flowers To Spruce Your Home

Nothing says 'Hello Spring!' like blooming-fresh flowers. Here, 6 in-season picks ready to brighten your home.


6 Spring Flowers To Spruce Your Home

Friday, September 30, 2016


Symbolises: Healing.

The Flannel Flower is a native Australian flowering plant formally known as 'Actinotus helianthi', and is currently the national symbol for Mental Health Awareness Australia. This enlightening flower is ideal for outdoors, and passionately promotes positivity.


Symbolises: New Beginnings.

The word 'narcissist' may come to mind when you hear the name of this plant and as mythology suggests, rightly so. Legend has it that there was once a man named Narcissus who was so self-obsessed, he'd stare at his own reflection in a pool of water.

Then one day, he turned into a flower - this was called 'Narcissus'. Popularly known as 'Daffodil', this exuberant flower is usually yellow or white and proves the perfect Spring embellishment within any contemporary home. Incredibly popular in Germany.


Symbolises: Gratitude.

The Cherry Blossom, also known as 'Sakura', is Japan's national flower. Not only is this flower visually stunning, but it works to reiterate the beauty of life in being short yet wonderful. The Sakura also represents renewal, hope and friendship and forms the popular Japanese tradition of "hanami", where people picnic underneath the cherry blossom trees. According to a recent article by Marie Claire, the 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' fragrance was the best-selling perfume in the US. Add these flowers to your home, and instantly reinvigorate your interior with sweet-smelling harmony.


Symbolises: Courage.

Since this remarkable flower is available in more than 25,000 species, it's difficult to pinpoint its exact meaning, though courage and strength are recurring reminders. With pink, orange, green, white, yellow, purple and red varieties, the orchid is truly remarkable. Along with their bilateral symmetric size, life duration and shape, which further prove just how fascinating the orchid is. Whether you place these on the balcony, your dining or bedside coffee table, they are absolutely charming.


Symbolises: Dying Love.

Derived from the Greek word 'anemos', the Anemone flower is also called 'wind flower'. It's believed that when the wind reaches this flower, it opens the petals while blowing away the dead ones. The Anemone embodies an extended flower stem, while its flowers are simply divine, also available in multiple colours - though typically red, white or blue. While it's believed the tears of Aphrodite birthed these flowers as she wept over the death of her true love, their presence is of nothing but exquisite grace.


Symbolises: Darling Departure.

As the name suggests, this is seriously the sweet pea of all flowers. Excellent to gift as a farewell or Bon Voyage flower as the Sweet Pea flower symbolises a sweet departure. Ever popular for its use at weddings and special events, this flower proves the "it's been a pleasure" type, which smells just as delectable as it is mesmerising to look at. Delicate, refined and captivating, it's a humble embrace for any sweet home.

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Let the good times grow!