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Feeling Sweet? Baklava, Cannolis, Nutella Donuts at Greenvale

Greenvale Shopping Centre is consistently swirling with exciting sights and sounds, but what may grab your attention the most is the scrumptious smell of fresh-baked goods you’ll find at Greenvale Bakery. This adorable shop features expert, old-style European bakers who bring generations of experience and a delicious passion to everything they create. Check out some of the most marvelous treats that are right here waiting for you.


Feeling Sweet? Baklava, Cannolis, Nutella Donuts at Greenvale

Thursday, August 02, 2018


Donuts are more than just donuts at Greenvale Bakery. They’re veritable works of art. One glimpse of the colorful array of sprinkled, frosted and sugary goodies may leave you grabbing your camera – and a napkin. Enjoy frosted donuts, plain donuts, sugared donuts and all manner of donuts galore baked fresh on the spot and ready for feasting.

Custard Puffs

Call it a cream puff, a profiterole or a choux a la crème, Greenvale Bakery custard puffs by any other name are just as sweet. These delightful desserts feature a tasty pastry ball holding a delicious dollop of custard and topped with a generous dash of melted chocolate.


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Enjoy a little bit of Italy right here at Greenvale Shopping Centre, where you can buy the best cannolis to suit your style, taste and size of your appetite. Stick with a single cannoli or two for a quick and yummy snack, or opt for a stack of cannolis with Greenvale Bakery’s captivating cannoli tower.


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These perky pastries consist of a tube-shaped shell that’s fried and then infused with a creamy filling. The cannoli tower is perfect for parties – or one heck of a midnight snack.


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Australians love their baklava, and you can find the flakiest, finest Turkish baklava at Greenvale Bakery. Baklava is on the menu due to huge demand, making it easy for you to buy baklava near your home or workplace.


This rich pastry features thin sheets of phyllo layered with chopped nuts and other goodies, and then soaked in honeyed syrup. Merely thinking about this delicacy is enough to make your mouth water.

Nutella Donuts

Greenvale Bakery’s Nutella donuts take the cake, at least figuratively, with a ball of donut dough bursting with the super-sweet treat of Nutella filling. Anytime you’re wondering where to buy Nutella donuts, all you need to do is head to the Greenvale Shopping Centre.


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Swing by Greenvale Bakery the next time you’re feeling sweet to get a luscious treat to match your mood.