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Flower Mum With Love: 6 Ideal Flower Types

Surprise Mum with a thoughtful bouquet this Mother's Day. Here, the special meaning behind these 6 popular flowers.


Flower Mum With Love: 6 Ideal Flower Types

Friday, May 12, 2017


Symbolise: Purity.

White Daisies

Like the love between a mother and her child, daisies are pure. White daisies, in particular, represent purity, renewal, integrity and of course, pure love. This beautiful blossom would not be possible without two flowers first coming together in peace.


Symbolise: Friendship.

Yellow Roses

Roses aren't always red, and violets aren't always blue. Each coloured rose conveys a special meaning, where yellow proves exceptional for Mother's Day - symbolising happiness, companionship and wellbeing. If Mum's your best friend, then yellow roses are a great way to simply say "thank you".


Symbolise: Beauty.

White Lilies

With heavy ties to Ancient Mythology as well as Christianity, the white lily is perpetually praised as an immaculate creation. This stunning multi-purpose flower, otherwise known as the 'Madonna Lily', portrays divine beauty, femininity, kindness, virtue and as legend has it, fertility too. Gifting Mum with these sweet-smelling flowers is an alluring way to say "I believe in you, and I value your divine beauty".


Symbolise: Grace.


These favoured florets of grace represent peace, tranquility and affection. Lavender, which appears as a long thin stem with several small-sized florets, is cherished for both its rare beauty and multi-use potential - including natural medicine. Use this soul-soothing flower to attain serenity and atmospheric poise in Mum's home.


Symbolise: Positivity.

Orange Gerberas

For the creative Mums and the lovers of good vibes and bright colours alike, gerberas are an impeccable choice. Brighten Mum's day with a bunch of vivacious gerberas, which signify positive energy, openness and solidarity. In Ancient Egyptian times, gerberas were viewed upon as having a close connection to the sun; promoting light, joy and compassion.


Symbolise: Love.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are the simplest way to say "I love you". In great demand for a number of special events, particularly Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, pink roses are a bold, elegant reminder of recognition for one's beauty. If home is where the heart is, then these love-like flowers are the quintessential addition for any doting Mum's decor.

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Happy Mother's Day!