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Food | Kids Lunch Ideas that are Not Sandwiches

Your kids may be as sick of eating sandwiches for lunch as you are of making them, but that doesn’t mean their midday meal goes down the tubes. With scrumptious fixings from Gusto Deli and a few bright ideas, your kids’ lunches can actually soar to delicious new heights. Here come several lunch box ideas for school that have nothing to do with sandwiches.


Kids Lunch Ideas that are Not Sandwiches

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Breakfast Goodies

Scrambled eggs with ham and vegetables can make for a delightful lunch that breaks from the traditional sandwich, as do other breakfast items. Whip up an extra-large breakfast the next time your family sits down for a morning meal, and then pack a lunch that includes pancakes, waffles or hard-boiled eggs.

Hummus and Pita Treat

A small container of hummus and a pita pocket make a great foundation for one of the easiest kid-friendly lunch ideas for school. While most kids dig hummus on its own, you can spruce up the lunch even further by including salami, olives, carrots and grapes and baby tomatoes on the side.

Pasta Salad

Give your kids a hearty, filling treat with a lunchtime pasta salad. This ranks as one of the best lunch box ideas for school for its convenience alone. Boil up pasta in advance, and then add a variety of toppings that suit the mood of the day. Those toppings can include deli meats, vegetables, shredded cheese and even chopped apples. Salad dressing is optional. Pasta salads are best when chilled, and they can stay that way packed in an insulated container or lunch box.

Lunch Meat Roll-ups

Deli meat roll-ups give your kids the same marvelous taste and nutrition of deli meats as a sandwich does, they just do it without the bread. Instead of stacking meats between two slices of whole wheat, roll the meats around a cheese stick, cream cheese or a celery stalk. Since you don’t have to worry about bread getting soggy, you can prep lunch meat roll-ups in advance to have them ready for grab-and-go-lunches throughout the week.

These lunch box ideas for school are easy, as is gathering up all the ingredients you need to create them. Simply swing by Greenvale Shopping Centre’s Gusto Deli, where you’ll find everything you need – and more.