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Ordering Etiquette at Subway

One of the coolest perks about heading to Subway for a sandwich is the fast and efficient service. Or at least it’s supposed to be. At one time or another, we’ve all been behind one of those people who holds up the line for what may feel like hours, appearing totally clueless about, well, pretty much everything.


Ordering Etiquette at Subway

Thursday, September 20, 2018

To help ensure streamlined Subway service in the future, here comes a rundown on proper ordering etiquette at this wildly popular Greenvale sandwich shop.

Know the basics.

Subway sells sandwiches. Don’t walk in and ask for sushi. Also avoid being one of those folks who asks how big a 12-inch sub is.

Know where to place your order (and pay).

Order at the sandwich area, where an employee in gloves is standing surrounded by food. Pay at the cash register, where a machine is waiting to take your money. Believe it or not, people still try to order food at the register or hand their debit card to the sandwich maker.

Choose your bread type before your toppings.

Pick your bread first, then your toppings. That way your toppings can be added as you name them. Naming your toppings before the bread only means you’ll have to repeat them once you’ve chosen the bread to put them on.

Choose a bread type that matches your toppings.

Don’t order a pepperoni and meatball sub on flatbread. Please.

Speak, don’t point.

Pointing at stuff only slows things down, especially if you’re pointing at something the sandwich maker can’t see from behind the counter. This isn’t mime class. It’s a sandwich shop. Get extra points for speaking loudly, slowly and articulately enough for the employee to understand what you’re saying.

Put your phone away to actually interact and listen.

Take your headphones off, as well. Too much time gets wasted by people who simply aren’t paying attention or giving others the common courtesy of actually looking at them and interacting.

Don’t be one of those pains at the end.

Finally, when your sandwich is stacked, wrapped, bagged and ready to be placed in your hand – don’t start asking to add avocado or mayonnaise. That type of decision needs to be made at the beginning of your order, not the end. Let it go this time so you don’t hold up the whole world behind you.

Test out your own ordering etiquette now. Head to Greenvale’s Subway today.