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Food | What's Your Fish Type?

Walk into Flipping Out Fish & Chippery in Greenvale and you already know you're about to enjoy a hearty meal of fish and chips. But you may not be sure which type of fish to choose. Check out the five fish types gracing the menu so you can pick the one that best suits your taste.


What's Your Fish Type?

Monday, August 27, 2018


Moist, soft and practically free of bones, this scrumptious white fish provides a mildly delicious fish flavour. Order flake in Australia and you’ll be treated to a fillet of Gummy Shark, with New Zealanders getting a closely related species. Either way, it's at the top of many people's lists, as well as the Flipping Out Fish & Chippery menu.

King George Whiting

Firm, flaky and delightfully sweet, whiting is another go-to fish for Australians across the continent. One of the reasons may be its incredible versatility, while another may be the sheer number of whiting varieties available. Thirteen related species of fish fall into the whiting category, with King George Whiting the ruler here in the south.

Blue Grenadier

Also known as Hoki in New Zealand, Blue Grenadier is so delicate that it borders on fragile. The soft, white flesh provides rich nutrition and a marvelously mild flavour. The high nutritional value comes from its notable amounts of omega 3, while its flavour is versatile and tasty enough to be used by McDonald’s in its Filet-O-Fish.


Barramundi ranks high in versatility for its ability to live in both fresh and saltwater environments. The Aboriginal name translates to “large-scaled fish,” and it's one that comes with moist, firm, pinkish-white flesh. The fish has a flaky texture, is easy to prepare, and features a distinctive, mildly sweet flavour.


Firm, sweet and perhaps the most well-known fish in Australia, snapper has long been a national favourite. It’s particularly popular in the south and west, and one of the most beloved options on the Flipping Out Fish & Chippery menu. The snapper is part of the bream family of fish, which is a type of carp.

While each of the five fish types brings on a slightly different experience and taste, they all have one thing in common. They all make an exquisite choice for the most amazing fish and chips you’ll ever taste. Swing by Flipping Out Fish & Chippery in Greenvale to find out for yourself today.