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Photo: What You Need to Know about Antenatal Care

What You Need to Know about Antenatal Care

Being pregnant comes with many blessings, and one of the greatest you can give to yourself is antenatal care. Antenatal care, also called maternity or pregnancy care, is the care you receive during your pregnancy. The health professionals at Inspire Physio Care are here to fill you in on what you need to know.

Why is antenatal care important?

Mums-to-be need to truly look after themselves during pregnancy, a time that can come with hidden mysteries you didn’t expect. Health pros can help ease your body and mind during any unexpected aches, pains, strains, leakage or other side effects you had no idea may be part of the deal.

When should I start antenatal care?

The sooner the better! The more quickly you begin an antenatal care routine, the more at ease your body and mind can be. The right advice from the get-go lets you more fully enjoy your pregnancy.

What does antenatal care entail?

Antenatal care includes things like:

  • An assessment of your overall health and condition
  • Education about pregnancy posture and tummy muscles
  • Guidance on what exercises to perform and avoid
  • Advice on supporting your body and protecting you from pain

What antenatal classes can I take?

Inspire Physio Care offers several program options:

  • 1:1 or group exercise classes to suit your condition and needs
  • 1:1 or group hydrotherapy classes to improve flexibility and fitness during pregnancy
  • Special packages with a remedial massage therapist

How do I organise antenatal care? Do I need a GP referral? How much does it cost?

Getting started with antenatal care is easy. Simply call Inspire Physio Care at 93336846 and ask to book an appointment with Tara Kosuri.

You don’t need a referral if you have private health insurance, but you can use the Care plan under Medicare if eligible (gap fee applies).

Who is Tara Kosuri?

As the director and principal physiotherapist at Inspire Physio Care, Tara has a special interest in women’s health issues. Antenatal care is one of her passions, and she enhances it with extensive experience and a firm desire to educate her patients and motivate them to be part of their own care and treatment.

Schedule your antenatal care appointment with Tara at Inspire Physio Care today.