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Optimum Health Starts at Inspire Physio Care

You can only live your best life if you enjoy optimum health. And helping you achieve optimum health is the goal at Melbourne’s Inspire Physio Care. A team of highly skilled and experienced practitioners work together to give you and your family individualised care with a personalised touch for a multitude of services.

Best Physio in Melbourne

Physiotherapists are healthcare practitioners who understand movement and function, and you’ll find only the best physiotherapists in Melbourne at this Greenvale physio centre. Whether you need physio after a broken ankle, spinal physio for a bulging disc or neurological physiotherapy in Melbourne, you’ll find it at this centre.


Safe, effective and proven effective, hydrotherapy is a water-based therapeutic modality of physiotherapy. It increases circulation, strengthens muscles and improves your joint range.

Clinical Pilates

Developed to help with pain, injury, poor posture, toning and strength, clinical Pilates in Melbourne can assist with a number of issues. Enjoy a personalised program that focuses on building a strong core while improving balance and coordination.

Physio for Dislocated Shoulder, Sports Injuries

The goal of the centre’s sports physio in Melbourne is to provide a diagnosis and personalised treatment plan that helps you return to sport as quickly as possible. Treatments can include physio for tendonitis, a broken foot or any other sports injury across the board.

Physio for Surgery Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can help with a faster and more efficient recovery from surgery, especially orthopedic surgery. The goal is to restore your range of motion and strength to return to daily activities. Hip, shoulder, neck, foot, ankle and wrist physio can be exceptionally helpful, as can knee and spinal physio.

Men’s and Women’s Health Physio

For women, pregnancy physio in Melbourne can be tremendously helpful, while men can benefit pelvic floor muscle strengthening as well as physio for bladder and bowel issues.

Work and Transport Physio

Additional services include occupational rehabilitation services, workplace assessments, and physio for workplace injuries. Treatments are also available to help you recover from transport injuries.

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