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10 Menu Items You MUST Try from Kong Chinese Bistro

Local customers voted Kong Bistro Greenvale one of the best Chinese takeaways in the North West, and one glimpse at their captivating Chinese food menu tells you why. These 10 items consistently rank as customer faves for Chinese takeaway food or dining in at the hip and spiffy restaurant.


10 Menu Items You MUST Try from Kong Chinese Bistro

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Satay Combination

Kong Bistro Greenvale’s Satay Combination can satiate even the biggest appetites with a medley of chicken, beef and roast pork dancing in a delightful peanut sauce.

Mixed Seasonal Vegetables

Also known as the Kong Bistro Vegetarian Stir Fry, this garden of gloriously fresh veggies tops the list as the most beloved dish for vegans and vegetarians. Enjoy it straight up or mingle it with rice or noodles.

Curry Chicken

Quell your curry craving in a flash with this delectable dish featuring tender chicken topped with a delicate yet savoury curry sauce that has just the right intensity.

Chicken Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables

Crisp broccoli, onions, zucchini, beans and carrots are some of the seasonal veggies that often grace this dish, which features a hearty chicken fillet topped with stir-fried vegetables in a luscious oyster sauce.

Chilli Beef with Seasonal Vegetables

Kick your taste buds into high gear with a spicy chilli sauce atop a bed of stir-fried beef and vegetables. The Kong Bistro menu also offers the dish with chicken instead of beef.

Seafood Combination

Seafood lovers can’t get enough of this dish, which serves up a platter swimming with prawns, scallops, squid, fish and fresh veggies in Kong Bistro’s dreamy oyster sauce.

Lemon Chicken

Refreshing and fragrant with a tantalising touch of tang, Kong Bistro Lemon Chicken gives you a deep-fried chicken breast fillet drizzled in a dazzling lemon sauce.

Cantonese Beef

No Chinese food menu would be complete without a choice of Cantonese Beef. The Kong Bistro version features melt-in-your mouth sliced beef and broccoli stir-fried in a uniquely sweet Cantonese sauce.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Get the super-tender sliced beef for which Kong Bistro Greenvale is known cascaded with the restaurant’s subtle yet deeply savory black bean sauce.

Spicy Fried Chicken

Fried chicken fans adore the Kong Bistro take on this traditional dish, featuring juicy, marinated chicken that’s fried just right and served with a perky plum dipping sauce.

Whether you’re in the mood for Chinese takeaway food or a dinner out at Greenvale Shopping Centre, any of these 10 menu items will put you in the mood for Kong Bistro every time.