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5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Santa Photos This Year

Santa Claus is coming to town, with his visit to Greenvale Shopping Centre scheduled from 18 to 24 December. Parents are invited to take their own photos of the festivities, as they’ll be no photographer on hand. There may be plenty of smiling children, however, if parents follow these five savvy tips.


5 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Santa Photos This Year

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Do a Practice Run

Let your child know exactly what to expect. Explain who Santa is, why you’re visiting him, and how you’ll be taking a photo of your child when he gets to meet him. You can even do a practice run by role playing Santa for your child at home before your visit, with or without your own Santa suit.

Help Your Child Write a Wish List or Letter

Depending on your child’s age, you can help him or her write up a quick wish list or longer letter to share with Santa at the visit. Having something in hand to review with Santa gives your child a focus as well as a mission. He or she may be too busy revealing everything on the list or in the letter and forget all about being scared.

Pick a Pleasant Santa Option

The crowds, noise and general fanfare surrounding Santa at huge shopping centres can be offsetting – even for parents. Combine that with long lines and a stranger behind the camera snapping photos, and you may be asking for a tantrum.

Choose a cozier, more comforting environment, like Greenvale Shopping Centre, where you take your own photos of Santa with your child. This way there’s a familiar face behind the camera, giving your child something extra to smile about.

Jump in to Quell the Fears

If your child still starts crying when encountering Santa, simply hop in the photo with Santa and your kid. Bring a friend along to snap the photos, or invest in a selfie-stick that attaches to your camera or phone so you can take selfies from a greater distance. You can try holding your child or putting him or her on your lap if being in Santa’s arm is simply too frightening.

Don't Forget to Thank Him

Sure, Santa gets plenty of time off throughout the year, but he’s definitely working overtime during the holiday season. Make sure you and your child show your appreciation for making the holidays grand.