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Calling all Foodies: Have You Tried All the Burger Types at Greenvale Yet?

Greenvale Shopping Centre is tops for its wide variety of everything, and that certainly holds true when it comes to burgers. Foodies in the mood for just about anything can find it in a burger at Greenvale. Check out some of our favourite picks from four different Greenvale shops.


Calling all Foodies: Have You Tried All the Burger Types at Greenvale Yet?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tek Kebabs Lamb, Chicken or Veggie Burgers

Specialising in Turkish and Lebanese fare, Tek Kebabs also has a delicious way with burgers. The Kebab Burger features a fabulous bun packed to the hilt with your choice of lamb or chicken. Add the lettuce, tomato, onion and the mouth-watering garlic sauce and you have a burger that doubles as a hearty meal.

You can keep the delicious vibe going – while skipping the meat – with the restaurant’s scrumptious veggie burger option.

Flipping Out Fish & Chippery Fish Burger

When you’re fishing for a tasty burger that’s distinctly different than the rest, head to Flipping Out Fish & Chippery for its Fish Burger. This delightful burger features the Chippery’s crispy fried fish done up on a sesame seed bun. Add lettuce and a luxurious dollop of sauce, and you have the perfect catch of the day.

Rooster Rocks Chicken Burger

Perhaps you’re more in the mood for crispy chicken, specifically a juicy fillet fried in a flavourful coating. You’ll find it at Rooster Rocks, in the form of the best-in-town chicken burger. With a name like Rooster Rocks, you know these guys don’t mess around when it comes to whipping up the most delectable chicken – and their chicken burger proves it. Kick back with a heavenly portion of chicken topped by cheese, tomato and lettuce on a sesame bun. Yum.

Coles DIY Burger

Coles Supermarket has long been the go-to grocery shop for Australians in Greenvale, and you can go there to scoop up personalised fixings to create your very own burger at home. Not sure where to start? Why not begin with a burger that’s been getting tons of praise – the prawn burger with tomato, avocado and basil mayonnaisey?

This pick is as intriguing as it is delicious, and must-try for everyone who wants to turn the traditional burger upside down and sideways. Search for the full recipe on using the full description above. Then head to Coles to gather up the ingredients.

With so many different types of burgers at Greenvale, you could have a different one every time you shop. Pick one to kick off your burger fest today!