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Movies to Watch with Kids on Halloween

Since there’s only so much candy-eating a kid can take, it’s essential to come up with a few other Halloween activities children will adore. Kid-friendly, kinda-creepy movies are definitely one of them. Greenvale Shopping Centre put together a lineup of movies to watch with kids on Halloween, with all movies classified PG.


Movies to Watch with Kids on Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Casper the friendly ghost has been around for years, and this 1995 film puts this kindly spirit right in the middle of a romance. Or so he hopes. Casper falls in love with the teenage daughter of the spirit specialist who comes to communicate with the ghosts that live in Casper’s haunted mansion, but all those kooky ghosts get in the way of Casper’s budding relationship.

The Haunted Mansion

This 2012 movie stars Eddie Murphy as a workaholic real estate dad who never seems to have enough time for his son and daughter. So he plans a family vacation with his wife and two kids, but makes a stop along the way at a creepy old mansion he’s been asked to sell. Lo and behold, the mansion is haunted by a former master of the house, his butler and two other servants who need assistance breaking a curse.

Corpse Bride

In true Tim Burton style, this 2005 fantasy flick features creepy-but-fun animations to tell a haunting tale of love. Victor and Victoria are about to wed in an arranged marriage, but Victor is suddenly dragged to the land of the dead.

There he meets Emily, a just-married bride who was murdered and now she wants to marry Victor. Victoria is still aboveground on earth, and about to marry a horrible villain. Can Victor escape Emily’s clutches and return to save Victoria in time?


Billed is a horror/comedy, this 2012 movie is another Tim Burton creation. Here we find a young Victor Frankenstein with few people friends but a best friend in his dog Sparky. Sparky sadly dies, yet Victor comes up with a way to bring him back to life. All is well until other kids steal the secret to the resurrection and use it to revive other dead animals. Then all is not well at all.

With these Halloween movies on hand, kids may forget all about the candy. Well, maybe not. But they’ll have plenty of entertainment between bites. Visit Greenvale Shopping Centre for Halloween treats today.