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Subway Sauces: Different Types and What to Pair Them With

One thing’s for sure. Subway sauces are amazing. But the sheer variety of them can also feel overwhelming. Here’s a rundown on the Subway sauces' names and taste, along with the sandwiches with which they pair best.


Subway Sauces: Different Types and What to Pair Them With

Wednesday, May 08, 2019


Creamy with a sweet and tangy taste, mayo is already included on the seafood and tuna subs. It works well with most other sandwiches on the Subway menu, and especially the veggie and chicken options.

Pesto Mayo

Pesto mayo adds basil-infused goodness to the creamy mayo, which results in a super-charged goodness on your Subway sandwich. Swap it out for regular mayo with the same sandwich options above.

Habanero Hot Sauce

Hot, tangy and sensationally spicy, the habanero hot sauce is a favourite on all sandwiches for those in love with a fiery taste. Yes, even the meatball sub if you dare.

Blue Cheese Dressing

Anything slathered with thick and tangy blue cheese dressing is a thrill for the taste buds. This especially holds true with the chicken strip or chicken classic subs.


Creamy, zingy and with just the right refreshing hint of cucumber, Subway tzatziki sauce is an absolute must on the smashed falafel sandwich. It’s also divine on the carved turkey, veggie and chicken subs.

Garlic Aioli

Mayo mingles with garlic and lemon juice in the garlic aioli sauce. And that mingles marvellously with just about any sandwich on the Subway menu.


Ranch dressing combines all the right spices in a tangy and creamy base, making it a perfect match for the veggie, buffalo chicken, carved turkey, leg ham or roast beef subs.

Thousand Island

Subs that pair exceptionally well with the richly sweet taste of Thousand Island dressing include the roast beef, veggie, chicken classic and chicken strips.


t’s tough to go wrong with a dollop of hearty tomato sauce. This tangy sauce goes particularly right with the pizza melt, meatball melt, steak melt, chicken strips and Italian B.M.T.

Honey Mustard

Still mellow but sweeter and slightly less tangy than traditional mustard, honey mustard can work well with turkey, ham and even the chicken teriyaki option.

Smoky BBQ

Smoky, strong and potently pungent, Subway barbecue sauce features a tomato base mingled with onion, pepper, vinegar and spices. It works best limited to the grilled chicken sandwiches.

Chipotle Southwest

With a creamy texture and a sweetly spicy, mildly sour and subtly smoky flavour, the chipotle southwest sauce plays very well with others. It can add a burst of delish to the roast beef and most other selections on the Subway menu.

Sweet Onion

While this sauce carries only a hint of sweetness, it packs a punch of flavour. The chicken teriyaki sandwich seems made for this sauce, and it can also work with other chicken and veggie options.

While this rundown can serve as a general guideline for the variety of Subway sauces, remember that the best subway sandwich combination depends on your personal taste — and whatever flavours make your heart sing. Swing by Subway Greenvale today to get the singing started.