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Tips for Photographing Your Kids with Santa

Santa Claus will be at Greenvale Shopping Centre from 18 to 24 December, ready for all the meeting, greeting and photos you can muster. There won’t be a photographer on hand, so taking the perfect pic is all up to you. Since many folks are likely to be snapping photos on smartphones, a little elf gave us these dandy tips for getting the best Santa pix on your phone.


Tips for Photographing Your Kids with Santa

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Turn off your flash

A flash of light from a small point source, such as your phone, can give the skin a strange and harsh colouring, especially when it’s a different colour than the surrounding light.

Turn on HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range imaging, which adjusts the ratio of light to dark in a photograph. It works by taking three quick photos at different exposures it then merges into one, which is why it takes a few extra seconds. HDR helps even out the lighting, ensuring the lighter areas are not too bright and the darker areas not too dark.

Use burst mode

Burst mode is a setting that takes a series of photos in rapid succession, perfect for shots that involve running athletes, squirming children, or any other type of movement.

Snap photos with the volume button

Although you can use the cumbersome, awkward button on the front of the phone, you can also snap photos using the volume button. The volume button is easier to access while keeping your phone steady as you snap away.

Shoot in landscape mode

Portrait mode involves holding the phone vertically, resulting in taller, thinner photo. Landscape mode, with the phone held horizontally, gives you wider, shorter photos. Since Santa is not known for being tall and thin, landscape mode gives you a wider area of interest without ending up with excess space at the top and bottom of the photo.

Since digital photos can be reviewed and deleted without the need to spend money on developing, take as many photos of Santa and your kid as you can. The more photos you take, the greater the odds you’ll end up with amazing results.