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Top 4 Delicacies You Can Get from Greenvale Tek Kebab

When it comes to making the top kebab in Greenvale, Tek Kebab doesn't mess around. Not only does the shop specialise in all types of kebab, but it has a variety of other items that are equally as appetising.


Top 4 Delicacies You Can Get from Greenvale Tek Kebab

Monday, July 09, 2018

Whether you're looking for a quick lunch, fast dinner or amazing snack, these top four delicacies from the Tek Kebab Greenvale menu would do wonders as the top items on your list.


All kebabs come with a mix of fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and a zesty zing of garlic sauce, yet each has its own unique taste. The different types of kebab on the menu include: Lamb kebab, with lamb slices on a sizzling skewer Chicken kebab, with tender chicken pieces skewer-cooked to perfection Mixed kebab, with a tasty combination of lamb and chicken Adana kebab, with minced lamb that's spiced up and cooked on a skewer Shih kebab, with cubed lamb in traditional shish kebab fashion

Iskender Kebab

While the name of the Iskender Kebab should technically put this menu option in the kebab category, it is extraordinary enough to stand on its own. This delicious dish features succulent lamb atop croutons crafted from the restaurant's authentic Turkish bread. The dish is then dressed with the Tek Kebab special sauce, baked until steaming, and then topped with zesty garlic sauce.


Falafel is another Tek Kebab Greenvale menu delight, and you can get these chick pea patties served up a number of ways. Keep it straightforward with a falafel burger, or enjoy the patties wrapped in a falafel roll. The falafel variety pack gives you yet another way to enjoy this vegetarian option, with falafel accompanied by your choice of dip, salad and Turkish bread roll.

Salads and Dips

Tek Kebab's lineup of salads and dips includes the standard garden salad, but it also extends to cover tabouli salad and dips that range from hot chilli to hummus, with eggplant and cacik (tzatziki) in between.

With such an appetising array of kebabs, dips and more, Tek Kebab makes it easy to pick a meal that matches your taste, personality or even your mood of the day. Swing by to check out the Tek Kebab Greenvale menu today.