Cafe Regina Petro

Shop K04 , Greenvale Shopping Centre
Telephone: (03) 9333 6941

Trade Hours:
Monday - Saturday:
7:00am - 6:00pm
9:00am - 2:00pm

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Caffe Regina Petro
Caffe Regina Petro
Caffe Regina Petro
Caffe Regina Petro
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Great coffee, breakfasts to kick start your day, delicious and wide varied lunch options and sweet treats for the kids -Caffé Regina Petro is the one stop shop!A Big Breakfast or Turkish brekkie roll, a lunchtime focaccia and a jelly and custard slice, freshly squeezed juice- you'll find everything you need at this family friendly café in the middle of Greenvale Shopping Centre.Enjoy delicious savoury and sweet meals while dining- in at Café Regina Petro’s cozy dining booths, or take-away a brekkie or lunch pack on the run.Owned and managed by lovely locals, Johnny and Irene Toma for more than fifteen years, you'll be greeted by a friendly familiar face and spoiled with delectable food and bevvy options at great prices! Treat yourself!

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