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Greenvale Bakery: Fresh-Baked Goodness with Old-School Style

Whether you’re in the mood for savory bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, spot-hitting coffee and tea, or fresh-baked anything, you’ll find it all at Greenvale Bakery. Old-style European bakers with generations of experience are at the heart of this scrumptious shop, and they serve up an array of old-school favorites along with creative new options – like the customized, made-to-order Ferrero Rocher tower.

Hailed by their customers as the best bakery in Melbourne, Greenvale Bakery is the perfect place for morning coffee, afternoon tea or a delicious lunch break. You’re apt to find just the right taste to sate your fresh-baked craving.


Baked while you sleep and made fresh daily, Greenvale Bakery breads are at the top of the list of delicacies from the shop. Not only are they economically priced than most supermarket breads, but they’re free of all those nasty chemicals and preservatives.


The wide variety of colors, types and flavours of donuts at Greenvale Bakery are enough to make your head spin. Just wait until you see what happens when you taste them.

Custard Puffs

Grab a quick snack or take home a delicious dessert in the form of a captivating custard puff. Enjoy a pastry ball filled with creamy custard, then topped with a dollop of melted chocolate.


Dive into this Italian delight, featuring creamy filling inside a fried, tube-shaped shell. Go for one cannoli, two, or a crowd-pleasing cannoli tower.


Meet the flakiest, finest Turkish baklava you’ve ever known, thanks to the shop’s expert bakers who have spent years honing their craft.

And More

Lunchtime pies, fruit tarts, rolls, biscuits, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, apple turnovers and so many more fresh-baked goodies are on the menu at Greenvale Bakery.

While you can get the general gist of what’s in store at the shop, the best way to fully appreciate the ambiance, aroma and amazing selection is to pay an in-person visit. Swing by Greenvale Bakery today.

Greenvale Bakery

Greenvale Bakery
Shop G20 , Greenvale Shopping Centre
Telephone: (03) 9333 1026