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Meatland Greenvale: Premium Meat and So Much More

From succulent steaks to the best Italian sausages in the region, Meatland Greenvale is a local butcher that community members have quickly come to love and trust. Those who come into Meatland Greenvale for a single item end up getting so much more. And not necessarily more items (although that happens quite often). They get exceptional service and delightful prices, on top of the premium meats.

Greenvale Butcher Range of Products

Meatland Greenvale specialises in continental and South American cuts, with a vast array of different options from which to choose. In addition to fresh and tender beef, you’ll find chicken, turkey, lamb, pork and certified free-range eggs.

Turkey, rolled pork and hams are on the menu, as are rump roasts, crispy chicken wings, mixed gyros and grilled, skinless sausages. Don’t forget the lamb back strap, beef brisket, pork chops, beef stir-fry, lamb cutlets, lamb loin chops, pork ribs, scotch fillet — and so much more. Pre-marinated meats, breaded cutlets and other fast and easy options are part of the lineup of offerings. All meats are guaranteed fresh, tender and delicious or your money back.

VIP Members Weekly Specials

While Meatland Greenvale prices are phenomenal across the board for everyone, they’re even more amazing when you join the VIP Program. VIP perks include weekly specials featuring deep discounts. Those discounts are often as high as half-price, such as the $49.99 Yearling Eye Fillet that was on special one week for $25.

Join Meatland Greenvale VIP Program

To join the VIP Program, all you need to do is sign up at the shop. You’ll then be asked to join a closed FB group where you and other VIP members will see exclusive specials, bonuses and many other benefits.

Just one more reason to make Meatland Greenvale your go-to butcher shop for all your fresh meat needs. Pay a visit today.

Meatland Greenvale

Meatland Greenvale
Shop G18/19, Greenvale Shopping Centre

Trade Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 7.30am -5.30pm