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Tek Kebab: Kebabs, Burgers and So Much More

When it comes to the top claims to fame of Tek Kebab in Greenvale Shopping Centre, it’s tough to decide which to mention first: the fabulous food, the amazing prices, or the warm and friendly staff. You get all three in equal measures, with deliciously fresh and hearty Turkish and Lebanese menu options that include traditional kebabs and falafels, healthy dips and salads, and pastries such as baklava and Turkish Delights.

Dine in and takeaway options available, with a menu that includes many Middle Eastern favourites, burgers and vegetarian choices. Catering is also available, making it the perfect pick for parties or groups.

Passionate Staff

Part of what makes Tek Kebab food taste so fabulous is the warm and welcoming way it’s served. The Middle Eastern restaurant is a family owned and operated business with a true passion for what they do. Staff members not only know how to whip up amazingly authentic dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert, but they do it with a wholehearted enthusiasm that enhances the entire experience.

Amazing Menu

As expected from the restaurant’s name, kebabs top the list of menu items served up fresh and ready to enjoy. Choose from chicken, a variety of lamb, or mixed kebabs, or get a snack pack that combines the captivating kebabs with melted cheese and chips.

Chicken or lamb burgers are also on the menu, as are containers packed with lamb, chicken or a mix of the two tender and juicy options.

Vegetarians can enjoy authentic falafel burgers or variety packs that include a choice of dip, a salad and Turkish bread roll. A wide range of scrumptious dips are on the menu, ranging from the magnificently smooth hummus to the super-hot chili. Additional menu options include salads, deserts, and a lineup of beverages.

Whether you’re craving a quick Middle Eastern lunch, a pastry and coffee for breakfast, or a truly delightful dinner, Tek Kebab is the place to find it served up with warmth and charm.



Lamb Kebab:
Lamb kebab served in Turkish bread with salad and sauce.
Chicken Kebab
Chicken kebab served in Turkish bread with salad and sauce.
Mixed Kebab
Combination of lamb and chicken served in Turkish bread with salad and sauce.
Adana Kebab
Spiced mince lamb cooked on a skewer.
Shish Kebab
Cubed lamb on a skewer.
Snack Pack (HSP)
Choice of chicken, lamb or mixed kebab served with melted cheese and chips./td>


Lamb Burger
Lamb served in a bread roll with salad and sauce.
Chicken Burger
Chicken served in a bread roll with salad and sauce.

Take Away Containers

Lamb Container
Lamb only.
S: $11 M: $14 L: $17
Chicken Container
Chicken only.
S: $11 M: $14 L: $17
Mixed Container
Lamb and chicken.
S: $11 M: $14 L: $17
Iskender Kebab
Iskender succulent lamb served on authentic Turkish bread croutons dressed with our special sauce then baked in the oven and topped garlic sauce.
S: $14 M: $17 L: $19
Variety Pack Meals
Choice of any kebab meat or mixed lamb/chicken.(Served in 3 sectional container with a choice of a dip, salad and Turkish bread roll.


Falafel Burger $7.50
Falafel Roll $9
Falafel Variety Pack
Served in 3 sectional container with a choice of a dip, salad and Turkish bread roll.


Garden Salad S: $5 L: $8
Tabouli Salad S: $5 L: $8


Chips S: $6.50 M: $8.50 L: $9.50


Hummus S: $5 L: $7
Cacik (Tzatziki) S: $5 L: $7
Eggplant S: $5 L: $7
Carrot S: $5 L: $7
Capsicum (Red) S: $5 L: $7
Beetroot S: $5 L: $7
Tahini (Sesame Seed) S: $5 L: $7
Super Hot Chilli S: $5 L: $7
Onion Dip S: $5 L: $7


Turkish Delight (3 in Pack) $2
Baklava (6 in Pack) $7

Tek Kebab

Tek Kebab Greenvale
Shop G25 , Greenvale Shopping Centre
Telephone: (03) 9333 6467

Trade Hours:
Monday - Wednesday: 10:00am - 10:00pm